About Us

Julio García e Hijos S.A. is a leading enterprise in the Argentinian plastic industry dedicated to the development, production and commercialization of COLOUR MASTERBATCHES, ADDITIVES, PIGMENT DISPERSIONS AND COMPOUNDS in all types of thermoplastic.


Our production units and their laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. We rely as well on a team of professionals who are highly trained in research and development. This allows us to guarantee the quality and reliability of our products, the rigorous control of the production processes and an outstanding customer service.

With the purpose of supplying an increasingly demanding and competitive market, it was decided to get up a new business unit, CONCENTRATES AND COMPOUNDS, whose commercial activity began in August 2012. This unit is located in the Industrial Park in Pilar and it stands out for its world class cutting-edge technology.

JULIO GARCÍA E HIJOS S.A. and CONCENTRATES AND COMPOUNDS, share the same directive, executive and commercial board??? as well as the same management systems, in particular in connection with processes, specifications and product quality, environmental care, safety and workers’ health.

In this way, our nameplate capacity rises to 2.100 tons per month, which allows us to count with diverse productive scales and to offer our products in vast volumes.


Thanks to this dedication to innovation, service and steady growth, we have been able to successfully respond to the demands of the global markets, facing the challenge of consolidating our leadership in Argentina and increasing our participation in Latin America through our distributors in Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.


Our constant improvement, based on our management system, pushes and focuses our efforts with the aim of improving the competitiveness of our products to benefit our clients and boost our commercial bonds.

Our company is certified by ISO Norms ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Our History



The Oscar Rapp and Julio García S.R.L. company, dedicated to the chemical synthesis of organic Pigments derived from copper phthalocyanine (colours BLUE and GREEN), is set up in the Ramos Mejía district.


The company begins to manufacture pigment concentrates (Masterbatches) dispersed in PVC compounds.


The company begins to manufacture pigment concentrates (Masterbatches) dispersed in plastic resins.


The previous company splits, resulting in the creation of a new board of directors for Julio García e Hijos S.A, dedicated to the manufacture of Marterbatches in different polymers.


Certification of ISO 9002:1994 norm.


Certification of ISO 9001:1994 norm.


Certification of ISO 14001 norm.


The large industrial scale plant, located in the Industrial Park in Pilar, is opened. This plant is dedicated to the manufacture of White MB, Additives and Compounds in a great variety of thermoplastics


A process of professionalisation of the company begins with the appointment of a General Manager.


Concentrados y Compuestos S.A. is born on the Industrial Park in Pilar. This company is dedicated to the manufacture of Colour Masterbatches in Polyolefins.


The Julio Garcia Pilar raw materials deposit area undergoes an extension process.


Certification of ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2007 norms  of Concentrados y Compuestos S.A.


Certification of ISO 9001 and 14001 norms upgrade to the 2015 version.


Extension of the production hall and the raw materials deposit area is finished.


ISO 45000:2018 norm is undergoing the certification process.

Our efforts focus on

  • Being renowned for our high quality standards; we count with a varied portfolio of products developed in accordance with the market requirements. 
  • Providing our customers/clients with an integral service through an adequate technical-commercial assistance system that allows us to offer solutions that maximise their cost-benefit ratio.
  • Carrying out our operations within our Quality Management, Environmental Care and, Safety and Health at Work  System.
  • Maintaining international relations and acquiring world-class global suppliers/providers. 
  • DEveloping our organisation through high-performing work teams, maximising their individual skills to improve the company’s efficacy and efficiency. 
  • Optimising the consumption of natural resources, reducing the production of waste caused by our activity.
We are convinced that we possess the technical and technological competences as well as the human and economic resources to qualify as a potential provider for your organisation, based on a long-term relations and commitment between both companies

Commercialisation and Distribution

We have a versatile and dynamic organisation which allows us to:


  • Offer an immediate answer to the market needs.
  • Show a high degree of commitment to our clients/customers
  • Distinguish ourselves commercially based on our technical knowledge and expertise which provide solutions to our clients’ needs.
  • Focus on innovation and market trends. 
  • Be oriented towards product and value enhancement.
  • Respect the environment and good manufacturing practices.
  • Work together with associations and official regulating organisms.


We count with a sales team that is capable of offering technical-commercial assistance and whose aim is to provide personalised service in Buenos Aires City, Greater Buenos Aires and in some other locations throughout the country, and carry out direct telephone sales.

Our national distribution network covers all of Argentina and counts with representatives in the country’s main cities like Rosario, Córdoba, Mendoza and Mar del Plata. All our distributors have local stock to ensure a fast delivery.  

At an international level, Julio Garcia e Hijos has consolidated its presence over the last few years through an expanding distribution network.

Nowadays, we have representatives in Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay, who also count with local availability.