At Julio Garcia e Hijos, we believe that in order to create a better, safer and healthier future for this and the coming generations, it is necessary to adopt measures to reduce the negative impact on our planet, working together and harmoniously with the environment and the population.

In order to achieve this, we have incorporated a specific line called ADIMIN MB to replace the use of products derived from petroleum, reducing the dependency of these derivatives and the energy used during their processing, which results in the reduction of CO2 emissions (carbon footprint); that is to say, the decrease in the emission of greenhouse gases in the manufacturing process of the packaging.

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Registered changes on the planet

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges many nations, the business world and citizens must face to the benefit of future generations.

Local, national and international initiatives have been developed and implemented in order to prevent the greenhouse gasses in the Earth’s atmosphere from increasing.
Such initiatives seek to monitor and report the removal of greenhouse gasses.

What is a carbon footprint?

It is the way we use to measure the impact we have on our planet on a daily basis. It is a recount of the gas emissions (CO2) that are released into the atmosphere due to our daily activities or to the production of a certain material.
The carbon footprint can be determined by counting the GEI emissions released directly or indirectly into the atmosphere.

Currently, the gases emitted worldwide (being China and the USA the greatest producers) are:

Our objective is to generate not only a contribution to the environment through the conscious and responsible use of its resources, without exhausting them or exceeding their capacity for renewal but also to positively influence our client’s cost-benefit through the use of our additives.


In 1999 we became the first Argentinian company to obtain the ISO 9001 version 1994 standard. Thanks to our constant effort to improve, three years later we certified our management system under the ISO 9001 norm.

During the first term of 2004, we achieved a new success when we became once again the first Marterbatches company in Argentina to certify their control system.

In this way, we can guarantee that our development processes, elaboration and commercialisation of colour concentrates and additives (MASTERBATCHES), thermoplastic compounds and pigment mixtures work under quality norms certified by ISO 14001 norm in our plants in Ramos Mejía and Pilar.

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(Mineral additives that reduce dependence on petroleum derivates)